The Association

Message from the Director

Welcome to your Divine Word Alumni Association!

Unlike most college alumni groups, this one isn’t defined by the boundaries of a single campus. It’s reach, much like the work of Divine Word Missionaries, is expansive and inclusive.

Group photo from Alumni Association reunion gathering in 2019

If you studied, worked or taught at an SVD school or formation house in the United States, you are automatically a member. All Divine Word Missionary priests and brothers are also included in this group!

While members hail from a variety of schools and formation programs, the Association strives to foster a spirit of unity. The culture of generosity and service instilled by our founder, St. Arnold Janssen, unites us all.

The purpose of the Alumni Association is to connect you with other members of the SVD family, update you about what’s happening in the community, offer opportunities to stay involved in the Society of the Divine Word, and promote missionary spirit among all people.

Please feel free to reach out with questions or comments at any time – we’re always happy to hear from you!

Fr. Thang Hoang, SVD
Divine Word Alumni Association Director

Mission statement

The primary goal of the Divine Word Alumni Association is to nurture and promote fellowship and missionary spirit. As extended family of St. Arnold Janssen, we:

Participate in the SVD Mission

  • By promoting vocations
  • By sponsoring mission experiences
  • By praying for missionaries around the world

Promote Togetherness

  • By sponsoring regional gatherings
  • By publishing newsletters
  • By hosting a website

Offer Opportunities for Spiritual Renewal

  • By conducting recollections and retreats
  • By encouraging prayer for one another
  • By writing spiritual reflections in the newsletter
  • By sharing spiritual reflection on the website