Prayer Corner

Prayer is powerful. 
Its power is intensified when joined with others.

Our prayer corner is a place for you to submit your intentions and for your alumni brothers and sisters to join you in praying for God's intercession. 

Fill out the simple form to include your intentions and feel free to comment on the requests from others to offer words of support. 

We are. . . Together in the Divine Word. 

I am humbly asking for prayer for my upcoming colonoscopy. Please pray that the procedure will go flawlessly. Pray that every part of my colon will be healthy and free of any polyps, abnormalities or issues. Pray that the medical team will take care of me and guide the surgeons hands to perform the procedure with expertise, precision, and care and NO sedation will be needed or required. Pray that the procedure will go comfortably, quickly and no discomfort or pain.

- Jeff McBride, Tucson
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Alumnus Lorenzo Rosa was involved in an accident and is dealing with paralysis. He has a wife and six children, and all need our prayers.

- Sandy Wilgenbusch, Epworth
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Please pray for the soul of dad named Hung Pham, who passed away during the COVID. Thanks

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Please pray for John Hortsman, former SVD priest and missionary to Ghana who passed away on January 4, 2023. Remember his wife Verna and family.

- Patrick Wenrick
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Please pray for Bob Mauss. He is in his last days.

- Dierdre Mauss
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Please pray for Fr. Joseph Dang, SVD. He has been battling a health condition for some time and is in need of healing.

- Sandy Wilgenbusch
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Please join me in praying for my brother-in-law who is struggling with pancreatic cancer. I also have a friend battling lung cancer.

- Len Uhal
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Please pray for the repose of the soul of George Hahner, son of fellow alumnus Dick Hahner, who died recently at the age of 50. Please keep the family in your prayers as well.

- Greg Laka
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Our son-in-law Steve is battling cancer, has two young sons, and could use your prayers. Thank you Mike Schroeder

- Michael Schroeder
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Join me in prayer for a family member who just had surgery to install a pacemaker. Moving forward, may it help her heart to keep ticking properly.

- Mr. Len Uhal, Asbury
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I want to offer a prayer of thanksgiving and praise for our parish's recent Men's Emmaus Retreat at St. Leo Abbey in St. Leo, Florida. God blessed our retreat team as we traveled with 25 men to encounter Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. I would also like to ask for prayers for my wife Celeste and the women's retreat team as they prepare a Women's Emmaus Retreat at the Franciscan Center in Tampa this March.

- Tom Deardorff, Lakeland
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I'll need plenty of courage and patience with my travels over the next month, and knowing that your prayers are behind me will help fill my sails!

- Art Roche, DUBUQUE
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