Bill Reed - Bordentown 1977-1981

Memories of Bordentown

Bordentown-campus-drawingA.jpgWhenever I think of my time at Bordentown, I am constantly reminded of what a wonderful campus setting we enjoyed.  There are so many great memories exploring the grounds with fellow classmates, I am confident I can't resolve to a favorite.

Raft away

Here are a few things that I will always remember: My friends and I spent weeks picking up wood along the Crosswicks Creek and 55 gallon barrels to eventually build a raft.  Once construction was complete, we took it up the creek on the day of the Roast Beef Dinner. Unfortunately, the tide was not letting us get back in a timely manner.  We hadn’t planned on that, so we beached the raft and ran back to campus just in time to make it to our designated work time.  Unfortunately, upon our return someone with a boat was towing it further up the river and it was lost.

Set the world right

Bill Reed 1 copy.jpgAnother great memory is simply walking the grounds with a countless number of my friends talking about anything under the sun.  Those walks always seemed to set the world right.  To this day, it is one of my favorite things to do when I am back on campus.  I miss those days, and those friends.  While these are great memories, my most lasting impression is of all the people there, friends, faculty, and staff.  All of them working diligently to form us into the men we are today, and for that I am grateful.