Ho Nguyen - DWC 1994 - 2000

In the six years that I was at Divine Word College, I had many unforgettable memories that I might never experience at any regular schools. It may take a lot to time to review all of them here; however, I will list just a few of them.

First, coming back to the college after a long summer break with all of the excitement was the best experience. It was a time to meet SVD priests & brothers, teachers, faculty, staff and friends –  it felt like meeting family members. Every year in the warm days of August, I was surrounded by a calm environment with a particular and unforgettable welcome odor from the farms.

Second, spending many years in a formation group had a strong impact on me spiritually and helped me develop friendships. I discovered the power of praying together with my classmates, as well as on my own. I also learned through experiences from others and sharing my own. Thank you to all of the SVDs who gave me such beautiful experiences.

Last but not least, the food was so good even though I often complained about having the same dishes every time. However, I do miss the food from the college. In the last couple years that I studied at Divine Word College, students started to cook cultural dinners. It was the best time. We got good food and discovered many talented chefs.

DWC students play foosball Men gathered around the altar during Catholic Mass